About Chuck Camroux


chuck-250x250px My name is Chuck Camroux, the founder of VIDEOCASTING STUDIOS. We specialize in creating marketing videos for small businesses. In separate articles within this website there is much information about video use on and off the internet, and why it is so important for businesses everywhere. That is not the intention of this page. You want to know who’s behind our group that provides custom and semi-custom videos for your business.

I have been involved in the Internet since the latter part of 1993, which was also the inception of the public Internet. I and my associates have build over 1,000 websites for both clients throughout North America, and for ourselves. I come from a marketing and communications background having started my career as a radio announcer/disc-jockey in the late 50’s when radio was really young, but the most important communication medium of the time.

After 14 years on-air in radio and television, I morphed over to broadcast marketing and management. Management because that was the ladder to climb, and marketing because that was, and is, my passion. Being in commercial and non-profit radio, I spent a lot of time as both a student of marketing and a leader of teams of marketers. In all, I spent just over 50 years in radio and television, in senior executive positions (CEO, President, VP) with both small and very large corporations such as Rogers Toronto, Capital Broadcasting System, CKLW-AM/FM/Sales Detroit/Windsor, and many other companies. I built or rebuilt radio stations that had failed into powerhouses such as 680-CFTR Toronto, JAZZ-FM Toronto and others.

Through it all, I remained tethered to great marketing, the cornerstone of most successful businesses from one person shops to multi-employee firms servicing their communities, the country, or the world. In 2015 I came out of retirement to focus on providing small businesses inexpensive, but highly effective video marketing to add to their online arsenal, and even sometimes their traditional television marketing. Taking the first hand technical knowledge gained over years of media involvement and adding years and years of marketing expertise, we now provide businesses with a range of services, led by video marketing. Selling your services, your products and your people via the hottest content on the world wide web, video.

chuck75 We run a small shop, with limited customers. People and businesses who want to succeed using the exciting new media opportunities of the 21st century. My associates are spread throughout Canada, Great Britain and the U.S., working together, connected via computers and the net to bring quality products to our clients. Limited customers allows us to provide a greater degree of personal service that succeeds to grow our clients.

I would be pleased to be of assistance to you, through our services in video and web related. To contact me just use the contact form at the top of this page, or call me at + If I am unavailable when you call, just leave a message with your number and I’ll return the call at the earliest possible time.