Creating Screencasts

It’s a fact that videos provide a 74% increase in visitor understanding of a product or service, and nearly 50% of viewers take action after viewing a video online. If you think about it, this has probably happened to you.

I had an instance just yesterday. I was looking at a camera store site (I have high interest in photography gear) and came across a camcorder audio adapter that allows me to do more in my work. So I went to YouTube and found some how-to videos from the company which showed me how to use it, and I bought one. Video works.

There is no question that videos are popular. I would argue that the most important content type for your website/blog is video content. But the next question is what type of video.

For those who sell a physical product, or are an affiliate of a physical product, showing the product in a video is a great way to let viewers know everything about the product, or showing off products. This works for the smallest item to large furniture and even larger.

Videos are an excellent way to provide people with really useful information. These are explainer style videos. If you sell tire cleaner, you can do a video explaining the proper way to clean your car tires.

Testimonials are an important aspect of product and services information. Most testimonials are written, but you can bump up the testimonials on your site with video testimonials. They are super easy and quick for people to do. Just using your webcam and telling people your experience.

If you have expertise in an industry, a great way to build a strong reputation is through videos. You can create detailed information about your industry, or your job, that will help others getting into, or already in the same line of work. Sharing your knowledge. This makes you someone to look to for ideas, assistance and leadership, which will give you a clear path to consulting later on in life.

Some people just can’t get by the technical aspect of making videos, but have good use for them, and that spawns another aspect of video creation. People who make videos for others. That’s one of the main objectives of me and this website. I make videos for small businesses. Lawyers, doctors, pet stores, hotels and Internet marketers. You name it, I probably make videos for someone in that business category. For years I was an affiliate marketer, in fact still am, and started incorporating videos some time ago.

These are just some of the uses of video, but there are many more, and then there’s the creation of a video with possibly music in the background, and other aspects. Once you get into using video, most people really enjoy making them and that creates more ideas for using videos.

If you make videos, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me if you specialize, or general, etc. I’ll create a link to your site as well.


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