If you operate a dental practice, you already know the concerns of people about dental visits. Hurt and scary are the two that stand out. That’s why you’ve spent time and money making your facility bright, happy and effective.

But have you thought about your marketing efforts. Dental practices are among the most competitive in any market. You’re always looking for the marketing edge, but without the high cost of regular advertising.

Over 80% of your potential customers are mobile. They use smart phones for all their information needs, and finding the right dentist for them is no exception.

The most effective way to attract and interest patients is through marketing videos. Placed on your website, but most importantly placed on YouTube, fully optimized, is the surest way we know to improve your search result rankings, especially for mobile users.

Here are three of our videos for dental practices, and we have others to choose from.


We are experts at creating your video, and then optimizing it and inserting it on YouTube. Your own websmaster can easily insert it on your website, either by link, or the actual video. Let us help you dominate the search results for more than 50 search queries for dentists in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Video production is only $699 Canadian (taxes included), and includes full optimization and installation on YouTube.



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