How Can We Help?

Our job is to find a problem and help those with the problem, solve it.

For example, hundreds of thousands of people use Microsoft Word only a regular basis, even daily. But very few know it’s total capabilities and how Word can help you do better presentations, write better and have more visual capability using Word.

For instance, 20 different “how-to” videos to explain each function and how to use that function in each of the main Word menu’s such as the Insert menu, Design menu, Layout Menu and Reference menu. In fact there are more than 10 sub-menu’s, and some take two videos to explain because they are so complicated.

But at the end of your lessons, which you can go back over as often as you want because you own the videos, you’ll be a much imrpoved expert in the use of the Word program. And that’s what our job is about. To provide you with solutions, via video and sometimes also with written material.

This is how we can help you solve problems. It’s the core of Videocasting Studios. Within this site you’ll find hundreds of different problem solving video sets, and we are adding to them every week. I encourage you to get my weekly newsletter that keeps you informed of the latest editions to the site, and other relevant news. Just complete the form below. No spam and we never sell, loan, give-away or let your name and email out of our care.


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