Markup Optimization

Videos can be of great benefit to a website. They are rich media content, loved by the search engines as they provide another perspective on the content subject matter. However, unless the videos are properly optimized, they lose a lot of their value.

You see, the search engines can’t watch or listen to your videos. They can only go by whatever is written on the page, or in the surrounding code as to the videos content. Most websites have little to no special markup to enhance the videos opportunity to ensure that the search engines know what the video is about and how it can be of great benefit to the viewer. That it is relative.

And relative is the key to the exercise. For most searcher, they call up Google or Big or Yahoo, or one of the other search programs, and they ask for something they want to see. The search engines must find relevant information to present to the viewer. Relevant information. If they don’t have any information in a form they can read and index about your video, they can’t present it even when it’s relevant.

So your duty as a website owner, webmaster or friend helping, is to be sure you have created all the possible markup for that video. Keywords, search terms, and other information. You should also include a copy of your video script on the page with the video, and be sure it has the right keyword phrases included.

When we at VIDEOCASTING STUDIOS provide you with a video ready to display on the web, we include a script of the voice track of the video, especially prepared for inclusion on your site, or on a site.

When you do this, you not only improve your search ranking, you make it possible to reach the first page of both Google and YouTube searches. That puts you ahead of your competition, who probably have not taken the time or effort to really get in front of their prospective new customers.