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Videos make you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of your target audience. Videos help you appear more professional. Videos are much more memorable compared to traditional types of advertising. Used correctly, videos are an incredible way to convey a message. Our videos are affordable and we can provide you with fast delivery. Call + or email us today.

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Video 11 – Fencing Company

A company or individual that specializes in, or has fencing as part of his portfolio of work performed. Only $77 for this custom video.

Video 12 – Flooring & Carpet Service

A store or company that sells flooring and carpeting of various types and grades. Just $77 for this custom video.

Video 13 – Flooring & Flooring Installation
This video is for installers of new flooring, wood or carpet. Just $77 for this custom video.

Video 14 – Funeral Services

This video is for Funeral Directors/Funeral Services. Just $77 for this custom video.

Video 15 – Garage Door Install & Repairs

If you repair or provide new garage doors and associated equipment and accessories, this video is specifically for you. Just $77 for this custom video.

Video 16 – Lawyer SOLD OUT

If your law firm is general or specializes, this video is perfect. It prompts the user to call to see if you have the expertise in the area of concern. Just $77 for this custom video.

Video 17 – Accountant SOLD OUT




These videos peek inside the styles of accounting videos that we offer. Story telling remains an important aspect of this style video, and a narration voice will be included in the video. Just $77 for each of these custom video.

Video 18 – Air Conditioning SOLD OUT

Air conditioning and the complete HVAC system requires a professional to handle. This video, using a spokesperson approach provides a positive impression about your business. Just $77 for this custom video.

Video 19 – Auto Body Repairs


A good autobody shop is a dream for your automobile, but a bad one doesn’t cut the mustard these days. These two video samples help to make the sale to your potential customer. The first is a spokesperson style, the second is the popular animation style. These are just $77 for each of these custom videos.

Video 20 – Auto Cleaning & Detailing


Keeping your automobile clean is a passion for many drivers. A good detailing shop can do a booming business. This video sells your services and professionalism. Just $77 for either of these styles of marketing videos.

We have many more videos for all types of businesses. Click here for the next page of videos, or click here for a list of videos on this site, with links directly to the video.