Services that comes with your purchase.


These Marketing Videos are ready to be customized to fit your business, firm or practice no matter where you’re located. All the words, and in some cases the pictures will be changed to represent your company. It doesn’t matter if you are a small one or two person shop, or a larger business with many employees, a video is important if you want to attract today’s consumers to your businesses.

We create all new copy based on your service, your length of time in business, and other features that stand out. Once complete and with your approval, we get to work enhancing the your video to wow your clients. We use your logo, or we may create a special logo for you. The video uses the name of your business, the location and/or the service area within the video.

What you do and your service is important as it is the bedrock of your total services. When we begin we give you a form to complete that is the essence of the information that will be provided.

If you have any testimonials, they may be included. You should be gathering testimonials on a regular basis anyway. An easy way is to send a follow up e-mail or letter asking what they thought of your service. In a multiple choice questionnaire make it easy for the customer. We can provide a template upon request.

Your address and other information is front and centre in the video, and of course would also be available on your website and social media pages. For those that do not have a website and social media accounts, we can help you arrange these. A “squeeze page” style website is all you need if you do not have one already, and the video would be a major part of that page, we’d be happy to provide you with a quote if you require.

The standard video comes as you see it (with your information) and includes music. Additional options are a voice script interlaced throughout the video. This can be someone from your business like the owner or manager or whomever you wish, or you can opt for a voice extolling your business. Or, you can use a spokesperson laid on top of the video with a pitch written by us, and approved by you.

The video once produced and approved, can be provided to your web person/company for inclusion online. YouTube is important because it is the second largest search engine in the world (behind Google who owns YouTube) and nearly 100,000,000 million people search YouTube daily looking for videos to satisfy their information needs. You new video should be uploaded to your account at YouTube, and properly optimized. Social media accounts such as Facebook should also be included. We also give you DVD copies (2) for your office or where ever you need to use them.

Exclusivity: Your video, styled after the demo agreed upon, will not be sold to another competitive business, firm or practice in your service area. The service area will be defined at time of order and included in the production letter.


Our standard video price is $1,495 (Canadian taxes included), and payment of 50% ($747.50 Canadian) is required with the order, with the remaining 50% ($747.50 Canadian) upon completion and delivery of the order on DVD recording along with a list of video sharing sites the video has been uploaded to, and the social sharing sites that the video is uploaded to. The video usually takes about two weeks to finalize which includes approval by you, the client. Once approval is provided, we will create 4 additional alternative versions to allow for multiple uploads at some sites like YouTUBE. Because information must be provided by the client, we require an interview by phone or in person to gather all the information material needed.


To order, or discuss anything about the service, please call Chuck Camroux at + in Niagara Falls, ON Canada. If I am not available when you call, leave a number and I will return your call at the earliest possible time or at a time you determine in your call. You can also contact me by email, using the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Why Video

As video becomes more mobile and more social it is quickly becoming the most viable marketing opportunity for every business, from international corporations to local brick-and-mortar businesses.

Here are some statistics that show why video marketing is one of the best marketing opportunities today, and beyond.

  • 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

  • The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video, than without.

  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it.

  • Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%.
  • 59% of viewers will watch a video to completion that is 1 minute or less.
  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumers both say video is in the top 3 most effective social media marketing tactics.
  • 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

  • 60% of smartphone users say video is a perfect solution for smartphone viewing as it offers a quick way for consumers to grasp an overview of the product.

  • 65% of of your audience are visual learners.

  • Real estate listings that include video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

There are major trends that will shape how people learn about your business going forward. Mobile is the leading trend, driven by local searches and Facebook. But mobile video is also changing, driven by YouTube, Netflix, and other major platforms. Social video is the next big evolution in video marketing.

What does all this mean for local businesses? Display advertising, and similar advertising types, are giving way to video. As video increases in consumer use and becomes the most-watched, most-influential digital media, it is also the most important. Programming content is becoming more personalized and targeted, and those without video are being blocked by consumers.

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